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Boat Share Is The Best

Boat Share is a fantastic option to sole or fractional ownership.

Why outlay your hard earned money on a depreciating asset.

Joining Concept Marine will save you up to two thirds the cost of owning your own boat.

Concept Marine offers more access to the boat compared to some others. this makes it one of the best value options on the market today.



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Rayglass Legend 2500 Diesel


Orams Marine Park

Orams has gained a hard earned international reputation as a specialist of marine services to people on the water.


Located in the CBD it is the easiest place to store and access a boat in Auckland.


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Rayglass 2300


Rayglass 8.5m Protector


Rayglass 2800


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Rayglass 2500

Rayglass 2500 Diesel

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love what we offer ...

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