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Orams Marine Boat Park

Orams Marine

Orams Marine Village Boat Park is specially designed to make it the easiest place to store and access a boat in Auckland. There are also many complementing facilities to make your boating experience easier, more enjoyable and convent.

Going Boating

It is possible to be on the water within five minutes of arriving at Orams Marine Village Boat Park.

The Village offers a one hour turnaround service to its berth holders. Simply call one hour ahead and your boat will be ready and waiting on the water.

Secure parking is provided onsite and Orams Marine Village team members are able to provide friendly advice on the best fishing spots.

Orams Marine Lounge

No boat trailers or boat ramps required.

Simply call ahead when you want to get out on the water and your boat will be ready and waiting for you to use. Park your car undercover in the drystack building and be on the water in five minutes. Upon return we will lift your boat out of the water and clean it before returning it to the drystack boat storage. Lifts in and out of the water are unlimited, letting you go out on the water as many times as you like.

On Your Return

Upon return to Orams Marine Village Boat Park your boat will be lifted out of the water, washed down and the engine flushed before being returned to the dry stack.

The boat park also has a fish cleaning bench for use and toilet facilities. Using Orams Marine Village Boat Park gives you more time to enjoy your boat.


Orams Marine Boat Park Facilities

  • Unlimited lifts in and out of the water.Orams Marine Boatpark
  • Undercover storage for boats up to 12m.
  • 310 berths.
  • Undercover parking for your car.
  • Toilets.
  • Heavy duty hoses for cleanup.
  • Fish cleaning bench.
  • On-water fuel depot.
  • Access to full range of boat maintenance and service facilities as part of Orams Marine Village.


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